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When They Departed.. December 12, 2013

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When someone you love dies, you’re not sad and angry for them.
You’re sad for you.
You’re angry at yourself.
When you cry, you’re not crying for the person who died.
They’re gone, they’re at peace.
You’re crying for you, because you’re the one who lost a dear person and you’re the one who has to live with the hole they left you with.
You’re the one who is going to live with a constant feeling that something will always be missing from your life.
You cry because it’s missing.
You’re angry at yourself because you find out that you’re at fault for not looking into that person’s eyes the way you had to.
You regret not spending time with them more often, not talking to them, not getting enough of them.
You regret not savoring every moment you could have had with them, because you know that they’ve taken a part of you that you might never get back.
The person who dies doesn’t have to worry about how the world will be without them.
You do. 
-Lyra Klaude- (more…)

Tes Kepribadian (Instan) December 3, 2013

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entah kenapa sekarang lagi semangat ngeblog lagi, sesuai nama blog saya ini : .ingin.ngeblog.lagi. – setelah sekian lama *tarakdungces
dibanding dulu fitur-fiturnya wordpress udah jadi lebih lengkap, salah satunya yang baru adalah ada tombol “Random Post”.. coba klik, dan yang muncul ni postingan https://mbintanghp.wordpress.com/2008/12/17/my-personality-test/
person multiple
hoo.. tentang tes kepribadian.. terus pas ngeliat lagi hasilnya, 84% “extraverted”, 16% “introverted”, wattt?? :)) ini postingan tahun 2008 sih (wow lima tahun yang lalu), tapi rasanya saya ga inget pernah mikir kalo saya tu ekstrovert -,-  (more…)