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JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N1 January 31, 2013

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Few days ago the result of JLPT N1 I sat last December came out and as expected I failed the test. My score was 91 with details as the following : 41/60 for vocabulary-grammar section, 21/60 for reading section, and 29 for listening section.  Even though I passed the minimum score for each section, which is 19/20, I failed to reach the minimum overall score which is 100/180. Quite close huh, but honestly I though I would get worse than that, feels like I punched above my weight.Well nevertheless it’s time to it is time to start preparing for the next JLPT which will be held on July 7th. 5 months to prepare, should not waste it this time.

Hmm since I didn’t write any list for this year’s resolution, (well I’ve only made it once ever though, last year ^^;) in exchange for that I’ll just write some resolution about my Japanese language life. And since now I also doing job hunting here in Japan, all of the process I will go through will be done in Japanese so I might as well include this too :D

The first part is related with the aim to pass the N1 test and the second part is related with job hunting. Here we go the first part

for daily dose :

  • watch television programs preferably news program
  • read at least a text, be it news or practice problem, or from book
  • read at least a news on my twitter timeline

the others are :

  • more proactive in engaging talk/conversation in Japanese
  • finish four books : a book about smartgrid, a book related with job hunting, a book written by Akira Ikegami, and the last one is probably about electric vehicle
  • finish all of the practice books I have right now (one listening book, Yudha’s book, and one N1 practice book, and reading drill book)
  • take mock exam once every at the end of the month
  • prepare the poster presentation on September in Japanese and English. i am the only non Japanese student in my department, so I think it is better to prepare it on Japanese too
  • improve my kanji number and of course vocabulary
  • and finally, topass the test with 45/60 for vocabulary-grammar section, 30/60 for reading section, and 40 for listening section :D

And here is the second part

  • practice answering questions in job interview by my self : in front of mirror
  • brush my email writing skill
  • preparing answers for entry sheet and self analysis
  • practice SPI test
  • squeeze out my target companies
  • interview practice with friends
  • don’t miss information from emails etc
  • and the last one is of course : TO GET A JOB!! :D

So, lets start from today! :D



1. putat - January 31, 2013

cmumudh eeaappph kk bincaaangg… <3 <3

2. Janti - October 26, 2013

Wah sulit ya belajar bahasa jepang.

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