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2012年3月24-26日 April 3, 2012

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Now let met try to rewrite this short blog post in English, and with some addition that I still having difficulty to express it in Japanese :p




For me, these three days were quite special.

On 25th, together with the other Indonesian students I hold Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Indonesian student association’s farewell party. We prepared many things including farewell videos which took a lot of time. I did it like it is for my own graduation farewell party, because I know that having a boring farewell party on my graduation is a bummer. I hope what we organized can please them all. Quite surprising though, before coming here I never thought that I will be in charge to organize a farewell party, like I did in Indonesia for my seniors in my department :p I don’t know whether I still can meet them or not, but I will always wish them the best for sure.

Two of the graduation Indonesian students lived in the same apartment with me. Once more on 26th we throw another farewell party for these two guys. But this time I only attended as guess, not as organizer :p Well we only had snacks but as long as we gathered it should be no problem rite :D We spoke a lot, quite a meaningful little speeches, and it moved our heart.

On 26th ­ Tokyo Institute of Technology’s graduation ceremony was hold. I also met many acquaintances, not only Indonesian students. Just seeing the smile on those graduates’s faces I can feel their happiness and also made me remember my own graduation ceremony one year ago.

And then on the night of the same day, my lab’s farewell party was hold. I think it was the party I can enjoy the most up until now. Not only the place was good because it was spacious, I also heard some good farewell speeches from the professors and the graduating lab members.

In these three days I got many valuable experiences. Thanks for reminding me I still have two more years here that I have to fully maximize. The master course will start soon, it’s time to gear up :D

Well my English writing skill still isn’t on the level I hope to be. I still having many difficulties to write these whole down, as you can see the sentences above are not very well structured. Unsurprising though since I rarely write long article in English. And another excuse is probably learning Japanese has made my brain crumbled @_@

Thanks for reading :D March 2012 Farewell Party – Part I

To end this post here I share the farewell videos, part I and part II, enjoy



1. hanyakarin - May 7, 2012

Curcol. 2 thn lagi di jpn? Gw msh bs kapan2 lah ke jpn :p

mbintanghp - May 7, 2012

hooh curcol soal bahasa :p ayo ah cepetan k sini rin wkwkwk

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