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Suarez “versus” Evra February 13, 2012

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Suarez agreed with Mr Evra that they spoke to each other in Spanish in the goalmouth. When Mr Evra asked why he had kicked him, Mr Suarez replied that it was a normal foul and shrugged his shoulders. Mr Evra then said that he was going to kick Mr Suarez, to which Mr Suarez told him to shut up. As Mr Kuyt was approaching, Mr Suarez touched Mr Evra’s left arm in a pinching style movement. According to Mr Suarez, at no point in the goalmouth did he use the word “negro”. When the referee blew his whistle to stop play, Mr Evra spoke to Mr Suarez and said (in English) “Don’t touch me, South American”. Mr Suarez replied “Por que, negro?”. He says that he used the word “negro” in a way with which he was familiar from his upbringing in Uruguay. In this sense, Mr Suarez claimed, it is used as a noun and as a friendly form of address to people seen as black or brown-skinned (or even just blackhaired). Thus, it meant “Why, black?” Mr Suarez maintained that when he said “Por que, negro?” to Mr Evra, it was intended in a conciliatory and friendly way.

– Taken from FA’s statement.

So in the beginning they were talking in Spanish eh? A “negro” word was said but not even close to a thing called “racial abusement”. An 8-match ban was way too much, and while Evra himself admitted that he said “sudaca” to Suarez, he didn’t get any punishment whatsoever? And yet some of a certain football club’s fans are boasting “my player had been racially abused!!” so proudly without knowing this.

Shame on you FA. Congratulation Evra you’ve done a great deal of damage to our club. And I am so waiting for the France-Uruguay friendly match.



1. tejo - February 13, 2012

Geus kawinkeun we eta duanana. Damai.

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