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Liverpool : this summer . . . June 13, 2009

Posted by mbintanghp in insight.
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as everybbody knows that i’m a truly fan of  The Kop, now i would like to discuss about this club’s summer transfer saga,,

well, i’m also a Milan‘s ultras =p, but now that they has sold Kaka’ to Madrid, i still can’t forget it,, seems like they have some troubles with the balance sheet?,, what, rite now, i think only two players, Flamini and Pato, that  avalaible as first team choice with age below thirty years old (as Dinho already 29, CMIIW),, in addition with the retirement of Maldini, and Carletto has departed to Chelsea, now Berlusconi and Leonardo should come with a brilliant strategic-plan,,

This is Anfield..!!

This is Anfield..!!

enough with this emergency at San Siro, now lets back to Anfield,,

first, we should agree that last season we didn’t do well in the transfer market,, it’s clear that only Riera the one who become a good transfer product, while the others didn’t, including the biggest fee spent on signing Robbie Keane that latter turns out to be a big flop,,

eventough we didn’t didn’t have any silverware added to our stadium, the team had gone more and even more solid,, with a terrific sum of goal scored, it’s not quite a surprise to see Villa beaten in Anfield by five goals to nothing, the super-unbeaten Madrid trashed by 4-0 in the second leg of ECL first knock-out round, and off course, we demolished United in thir own backyard in the second half of the season, 4-1..!! >:)

now as the serious contender for EPL next season, we should do very well in this summer’s transfer market,,



well, too bad we let Keane scored against us in the last match of EPL,, thanks to that, Reina failed to secure his fourth succesive Golden Glove Award, edged by VDS with only one match difference,, nevertheless, Reina still in a good form throughout this season, and he’s still 27 years old, so i think we shouldn’t worry about this role for the next 5 years,,


Glenn Johnson

too bad we have to say farewell to Hyypia, after a tremendous ten years of service for the Kop,, now we only have 3 reliable center backs : Carra, Skrtel, and Agger,, hope that Agger doesn’t tempted by Milan’s persuassion, we still have to find another player for this crucial area,, so i’m questioning Rafa’s plan this summer as i haven’t hear any news about signing a new center back,,

and the full backs? for the left side, i still reccomend Aurelio, paired with Insua as his cover in the bench, and Dossena too off course,, in the right? despite Arbeloa’s steady form, i support Rafa’s plan to land England right back, Glenn Johnson,, you know, we are now short on English player, since the number was reduced to just 2 players by the departure of Pennant and Crouch,,


first of all,  i think Rafa would make the biggest mistake in his career if he sell his best holding midfielder Xabi Alonso,, since Rafa pushed the talismanic captain Gerrard further forward behind Torres, it was Xabi who act as the pivot in the midfield, together with Masche,, and i think that this part of line-up is our strongest one, even when compared to golden duo Gerrard – Torres, becouse we also have Lucas as their cover,,
with Masche also rumoured to go to Barcelona, we cannot afford to lose those players,,


next season most likely Rafa wont change his formation, as 4-2-3-1 had give them terrific results, well, in contrary of the steadiness of Xabi-Masche-Gerrard in the center of the midfield, the flank weren’t that promising,, in the right side, Kuyt or Benayoun have show good form, but the bigger problem is the left side,, Babel still hasn’t show significant improvement, forcing Rafa to sign Riera last summer, but in the late season, Benayoun show more reliability so he even moved to the left side,,

i’m quite certain that we HAVE TO sign a new, world class left

David Silva

winger,, as the rumour went, i can not disagree no more if we succesfully capture Valencia star, David Silva,, with his ability to play also on the right flank and in the middle, he will surely bring a new depth to our squad,,

well, as i also put priority to sign an English player, i think i’d like

to see Ashley Young playing in The Reds jersey,, Downing? Bentley? nope, they didn’t improve last season yet their form were declining,,


El - Nino

many want Rafa to sign a new striker to be paired with Torres upfront, but it means that Rafa should change the 4-2-3-1 scheme,, and who will be signed? well i suggest we do not focus our spending here – i prefer someone reliable enough as Torres’s back-up (Kuyt and Babel also a striker if you dont remember), and i agree if someone suggesting Owen,, he wont draw to much money, yet he will try his best to regain his prime just like old times,,




yap, that’s it,, may i resume it, we may still afford to sign a center back, Johnson, Silva and or Young, and Owen,, rite now i still dont think we should sell any players, to build a team with good depth,,

but still, it depends on those American duo —> they should splash-in the cash..!!

the last, good luck for The Three Lions, hope you can go through South Africa with 100 percents record in qualification round!

and for the Liverpool’s Spanish fleet in the La Furia Roja squad for the Confederation Cup (Torres, Xabi, Riera, Reina, and Arbeloa), go grab the cup!!


~pheww, it’s been a while since I wrote en English essay,, feel free to correct it :D

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