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VideoPress.com…!!! May 17, 2009

Posted by mbintanghp in interest.
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another improvement from wordpress.com to satisfies us wordpress bloggers..!


yap.. videopress.com…!! for further info see it in here..

well, too bad it would cost us sixty dollars per year, per blog!!


i really want to post a video in my blog x_x
actually i can post a video by upload it on youtube then paste the url as described here,, but if you do so, then the video isn’t hosted in your blog.. heuheu



1. arifust - May 18, 2009

siapa yang spam saya hanya kirim komentar. maaf klo komentar saya slah

bintang - May 18, 2009

komentar bbrp kali, panjang, dengan isi yang persis sama dah pasti spam

Cynthya - May 20, 2009


2. ..Quchie.. - May 19, 2009

hohoo.. pindah blogspot aja ntang.. bisa aplot video di sana.. hahaa.. promosii..

ntang.. chie ganti link nih.. relink yak.. huehueee.. :D

3. ladysherry - May 27, 2009

ah bilang aja pengen ngehost video… byar makin banyak hits kamu haha
*masa yaa waktu itu gw googling gambarnya 1 litre of tears dan… ada link blog lw CADAS!

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