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why the heck did you insult gerrard..?!?? April 1, 2009

Posted by mbintanghp in insight.
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tempo hari, baca di milisnya Liverpool fans se-Indonesia nih.. ada yang bikin artikel yang cukup bikin telinga saya panas.. heu.. ni dia nih :


Gerrard-lite will not do for England (???)

Posted by John Brewin

Steven Gerrard was last week hailed as the best player in the world by none other than Zinedine Zidane, a man more than acquainted with that label.

On recent form, Zizou might just be right, as Real Madrid, Manchester United and Aston Villa will attest. Yet this weekend and next week, we expect to see a different Gerrard. Because, dear readers, “Stevie G”, as he is never called by Fabio Capello, in contrast to the toothy chumminess of Steve McClaren, will be playing for England.

Put an England shirt on him and that strutting, probing and driving style that this week made former Liverpool midfielder Terry McDermott able to place Gerrard alongside Kenny Dalglish in the Anfield pantheon, becomes diluted. Gerrard’s ability to power around the field, fighting and winning battles as he goes, has rarely been viewed during his England career.

With 70 caps to his name, and an England career begun way back in 2000, meaning only David James, David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand have served longer, Gerrard is in real danger of becoming one of those great club players who has failed to produce for his country. England have been here before with a Liverpool player. In the late 80s and early 90s, John Barnes was the most devastating talent in the English game yet failed to show for his country time and again.
Barnes retired with 79 caps yet the abiding adage of his England career was that in his first year as an international he scored one of his country’s greatest goals (vs Brazil in 1984) yet by 1995, the year of his last ever appearance, had failed to produce anything remotely comparable. In the intervening years Barnes could not facsimilie his form for Watford or Liverpool, especially not Liverpool, and is nowadays probably best remembered for his rapping on EnglandNewOrder’s “World in Motion” pop single.

Barnes was often said to not suit the national team’s style of play, then a more traditional English-style brand of the game. Yet Chris Waddle, a comparable talent who lacked Barnes’ athleticism, produced better and more consistent performances before Graham Taylor decided to dispense with his services in 1990 while keeping faith – amazingly to many – with Barnes. Mind you, “Diamond Lights” was no a match for Barnes’ musical achievement. Meanwhile, Glenn Hoddle, co-vocalist on that anti-classic was another to amass a truckload of caps but shine only dimly compared to the superlatives of his club career.

The apologists will state that Gerrard had a decent 2006 World Cup, finishing as top scorer for Sven Goran Eriksson’s team. Though that is akin to saying he was the best-tasting fruit of a rotten bunch. And then there is always the old excuse that he and Frank Lampard have never gelled together. Coaches trying to squeeze square pegs in round holes is the most often rolled-out view here.

Whatever your opinions on Lampard, this does not allow for the fact that Gerrard’s versatility as a Liverpool player, or willingness to try to be so, has not transposed to his England persona. For both Gerard Houllier and Rafa Benitez he has played across the midfield, as a forward and even, most famously in Istanbul, as full-back. All with distinction yet not so for England.

Back in May 2006, the man himself had this to say: “I’ve got 40 caps and I’ve only played in my strongest position [attacking central midfield] for England for 45 minutes. I know I can translate my form for Liverpool on to the international stage. But people might have to be a little patient.” September 2008 saw him proclaim “I’ve played in my favourite position for England five times in 68 games. I’ve paid the price for being able to do a decent job in other positions.”

Such statements indicate Gerrard’s discomfort with playing for his country, an unease with his own lack of performance. The latter carries a heavy sense of resignation.. That gap between 45 minutes and five games shows that he had at least been granted his head and played in his favourite role in the interim between them.

One performance alone stands out in recent year, a 45-minute cameo of Liverpool-esque determination and inspiration that pulled his country back from the brink. Against Andorra. Yes, the butchers, bakers and candlestickmakers of a tiny principality felt the brunt of a Gerrard onslaught that has seen off the likes of Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, Roma and all of England’s “big four” over the years.

Few other great individual performances stand out though he was one of several who turned it on against Germany in 2001’s 5-1 win in Munich. Injury may have precluded his involvement in 2002 but he was only fair-to-middling/disappointing at both Euro 2004 and Germany 2006. And when the chips were down for Steve McClaren, a manager who praised had him to high heaven, Gerrard was as big a flop as any when Russia and Croatia ended hopes of a trip to Austria and Switzerland for the summer of 2008.

As yet, for Capello, he has shown mere glimpses. Having missed another chance to shine against the Andorrans and the high watermark of a 4-1 win in Croatia through injury in which Lampard played well in his absence, he was again anonymous as England huffed and puffed to a highly flattering 5-1 win over Kazakhstan. A goal against Belarus was his first in 18 months yet it took Wayne Rooney and Heskey to secure victory in Tblisi.

Should Gerrard continue to pale then Capello, unlike the starstruck previous incumbents in his job, may choose to do without him. Don Fabio has never been afraid to drop stars, as David Beckham and assorted members of his AC Milan team of the 1990s could vouch. The Italian national team, meanwhile, has never been afraid to do without its greatest stars. AS Roma’s Francesco Totti, a player as comparable a godhead for his club as Gerrard is for Liverpool, never settled as an Azzurri player while Roberto Baggio spent periods in international exile. There are those Liverpool fans who believe he should follow Jamie Carragher into self-imposed exile yet that must surely rankle to an England fan as a waste of a great talent.

Gerrard may just be the most in-form player in Europe at the moment, with apologies to Lionel Messi, yet, to truly be the best player in the world and a true great, as the career of Zidane himself confirms, he needs to shine on the international stage for that crown to sit comfortably.




o mai got.. dengan subjektif dia ngejudge begitu aja ‘kegagalan’ Gerrard buat tampil optimal untuk timnas inggris.. padahal, seperti yang juga diungkapin puluhan komentator yg ngasi comment, Gerrard tidak bisa tampil optimal di timnas inggris karena doi memang ngga dapet peran seoptimal yang doi lakoni di The Reds..

liat aja pas laga persahabatan Inggris versus Slovakia baru-baru ini.. ya masa dia disuruh ngisi posisi sayap kiri lagi?? >> posisi yang dah lama ga doi tempati di Liverpool.. yup, karena emang posisi paling pas buat dia adalah attcking midfielder atau second striker..

~ato mungkin peralihan antara keduanya, seperti skema yang digunakan Liverpool..

heu, ayolah, jangan takut singkirkan si Lampret itu.. haha

hmmm misal St. George Cross juga make formasi 4-5-1, mungkin gini nih :

David James
Micah Richard – John Terry – Rio Ferdinand – Ashley Cole
Michael Carrick/ Frank Lampard – Gareth Barry
David Beckham – Steven Gerrard (C) – Joe Cole
Wayne Rooney

hmmm tp keknya Rooney kurang cocok buat jadi striker tunggal gitu.. hmm..

so, let Don Fabio think this thouroughly :D



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