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Facebook January 26, 2009

Posted by mbintanghp in somethin' stupid.
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well guys..

this is a big decision..


because we all live to love each other,,

because we all were born under the very same sky,,

because we inherit the spirit of our great predecessors,,

because we dont want the children to suffer anymore,,

because we put our hopes on humanity,,


in order to regain my consciousness and super power,,

in order to defeat the enemy of the state,,

in order to expand my existence in the whole world,,

in order to restore my domination on earth,,

in order to bring peace to the universe,,



this is it..!!



silakan di add :D

~weks ga nyadar keposting juga di milis HME x_x



1. nuRr.. - January 26, 2009

ati2 ntang. jangan mesbuk mulu.. hahahah

2. rhonita - January 27, 2009

akhirnya, nyerah juga ama facebook… hahahahah

3. tejo - January 27, 2009

hahaha, masih jaman fesbuk-an rong ?^^

4. wari - January 27, 2009

ah lemah baru join

5. yumcatz - January 28, 2009

awas (facebook) beracun

6. asti - January 28, 2009

*udah 2 kali gw bilang akhirnya di blog ini..

7. bintang - January 30, 2009

@ nur : siap bos! blogging tetap nomer satu!:D

@ ninis : x_x

@ tejo : masih kok,,hehe

@ wari : lemah maneh

@ andre : tul!

@ asti : akhirnyaaa (juga)

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